Joel Rosdahl's software

Some software written or maintained by me:


I am the current maintainer of ccache, originally written by Andrew "Tridge" Tridgell. ccache is a compiler cache that speeds up recompilation of C/C++ code by caching previous compilations and detecting when the same compilation is being done again.


iflipb is an Emacs package that let's you interactively flip between recently visited buffers.



JCarder is an open source tool for finding potential deadlocks in concurrent multi-threaded Java programs. It does this by instrumenting Java byte code dynamically (i.e., it is not a tool for static code analysis) and looking for cycles in the graph of acquired locks.



maildirproc is a program that processes one or several existing mail boxes in the maildir format. It is primarily focused on mail sorting — i.e., moving, copying, forwarding and deleting mail according to a set of rules. It can be seen as an alternative to procmail, but instead of being a delivery agent (which wants to be part of the delivery chain), maildirproc only processes already delivered mail.

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miniircd is a small and limited IRC server written in Python. Despite its size, it is a functional alternative to a full-blown ircd for private or internal use. Installation is simple; no configuration is required.

Download: Version 1.1

Graphlog extension for Mercurial

Graphlog is an extension to the version control system Mercurial. The extension adds a new command glog that behaves like (a subset of) the normal log command except that it also prints a graph representing the revision history using ASCII characters to the left of the log.

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Kofoto is a tool for organizing and viewing digital images, typically photographs from a digital camera. Images can be organized in an album hierarchy and associated with categories organized in a powerful category tree with no limits on depth or size. Images can be found by searching for any combination of categories and image attributes. Web photo albums of an album hierarchy can also be generated. Both command-line and graphical, GTK+-based interfaces are available.

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Python IRC library (AKA python-irclib AKA

A Python library for writing IRC clients.

This project is hosted on SourceForge:


I have in some way or another contributed code to the following projects:

Debian packages

I maintain the following Debian packages:

I used to maintain the following Debian packages:

Old software

Things I have written but don't use and maintain anymore:

LPCID Linux driver

LPCID is a driver for a parallel port Caller ID device. I've rewritten Juha Tuomala's LPCID Linux driver to be compilable as a module, and I've also added support for doing select() on the lpcid device.

Download: Version 0.2.0. (Linux 2.0.x)
Download: Version 0.3.1. (Linux 2.2.x)
Download: Version 0.4.0. (Linux 2.4.x)


This is a Caller ID daemon. It reads data from the LPCID driver and serves it to connected clients.

Download: Version 0.1.3.


A graphical client for cidd, written in Python with PyGTK. It keeps a simplistic database of numbers and descriptions of the numbers, and displays them quite nicely.

Download: Version 0.1.5.


I made a program for my eggdrop IRC bot "Gunde" to make it able to communicate with persons who address it. It's stupid (can't learn anything), but it can sometimes come up with quite good statements.

Download: Version 0.0.2.


This is an eggdropized version of Splotch.

Download: Version 0.0.0.